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The effect of eating disorders on dental health

February 27th, 2018

teeth health smile dentist dentalphobia childrenEating disorders can result in serious damage to dental health, as well as other detrimental effects on health such as heart failure, hair loss and osteoporosis.

Key takeaways:

– The acidic nature of vomit can corrode the protective enamel layer of teeth, making them more susceptible to decay.

– Rinsing with water after vomiting and using fluoride mouthwashes can help minimise damage caused by vomiting.

– Enamel erosion happens in 9/10 patients with bulimia.

“Although it can be difficult to talk about your eating disorder, it’s a good idea to tell your dentist about your eating problem.”

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Why it’s a must to floss after eating these meals

February 22nd, 2018

teeth, health,smile,dentistFlossing is necessary for healthy teeth and a bright smile. However, there are foods get stuck more easily than others.

Ensure to floss after eating the following foods:

– Raw broccoli, spinach, mangoes and pineapples

– Popcorns and starchy foods like potato chips and fries.

– Caramel and toffee sweets

Be extra careful when flossing your teeth to avoid hurting your gums. Replace your floss regularly and see the dentist for assessment.

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Preventive dentistry for healthier teeth

February 20th, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistPreventive dentistry is caring for your teeth, protecting them against cavities, gum disease and bad odour. Preventive dentistry can be practised both at home and at the dental clinic. Here is more.

Key takeaways:

– At home, practise proper oral hygiene by brushing at least twice daily, flossing regularly and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash after snacks.

– Visit your dentist regularly for checkups, treatments and cosmetic solutions like veneers, braces and fillings.

– Ensure that your diet includes teeth-healthy meals with vitamins and minerals.

Prevent cavities by avoiding alcohol, smoking and acidic foods.

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Why you should brush your teeth longer after eating the following foods

February 15th, 2018

teeth, health smile, dentistIt is common knowledge that we are supposed to brush at least twice a day. Well, according to dentists, we are supposed to brush even longer if we eat the foods below.

Key takeaways:

– Bread and dried fruits get stuck in teeth, generating plaque and bacteria that cause cavities.

– Soda and candy contain a lot of sugar which facilitates harmful bacteria.

– Alcohol causes dry mouth and contains acid which erodes the enamel.

Wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing and see your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleaning.

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Love is fun

February 14th, 2018

Love is Fun

Can Brushing and Flossing Damage Teeth?

February 12th, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistToo much of a good thing is not always good for you and this applies to brushing and flossing teeth which are both vital to good dental care but can be overdone. Tooth enamel can be damaged by too much brushing while gums are also susceptible to damage by over flossing.

A good dentist will offer advice but the basic rules for good dental care are:

– Brush teeth twice daily

– Use a soft-bristled brush

– Floss gently once a day

This is the accepted regimen for healthy teeth as it is possible to “clean them too much” and further information can be found at

The Potential Dangers of Homeopathic Oral Hygiene

February 5th, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistWhile natural remedies for cleaning the teeth and gums may be trending, many doctors believe that they could do more harm than good.

Which practices should you curtail in order to avoid dental problems?

– Fluoride-free toothpastes will not protect teeth from decay.

– Frequently drinking hot water and lemon will erode enamel and harm your teeth.

– There is no proof that “oil pulling” has any positive impact upon oral hygiene.

”In terms of brushing your teeth with charcoal or apple cider vinegar, both Dr. Atkins and Dr. Eskander add the ‘natural remedies’ could do more harm than good.”

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What Can You Do to Naturally Relieve Tooth Pain?

February 1st, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistOnly a dentist will determine if a cavity is present in your teeth. Still, there are some natural solutions which can provide temporary relief from minor pain and discomfort.

What are three amazing remedies?

– A cold pack can reduce swelling and decrease pain within 20 minutes.

– Certain recommended painkillers will offer relief, but these should not be taken by children.

– A salt water solution can promote healing while reducing any associated inflammation.

”A few drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball can also be placed against the affected tooth as a temporary remedy.”

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The Relationship Between Veneers and Oral Sensitivity

January 30th, 2018

smile dentist health teethWhile veneers can be an excellent solution for cracked or damaged teeth, many patients are concerned that they will experience pain and sensitivity. Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say.

– Most individuals will experience a little sensitivity initially.

– Speak with a dentist if this sensitivity continues for more than 12 weeks.

– There are instances when veneers will actually decrease sensitivity thanks to their protective nature.

”To discover if veneers could be the smile solution you’ve been looking for, schedule an appointment with your dentist today!”

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Overbite and dental health issues

January 25th, 2018

teeth, health, smile, dentistIf you have an overbite – where your upper teeth cover the lower ones – you may need to check it is not creating problems.

Key takeaways:

– An overbite can cause jaw pain, especially when chewing.

– Enamel wears out more quickly if your teeth rub.

– If your overbite causes your teeth to hit the gum it increases the risk of gum disease.

Braces are one way of correcting an overbite. Talk to your dentist if you need more information.

“The only way to properly and permanently correct an overbite is with professional treatment.”

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